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What’s new? (2014-11-22)

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What’s new (from this millennium, anyway):

2014-11-22: First sketches of cross Menger sponge slices.
2014-09-06: First sketches of Menger sponge slices.
2014-08-31: Added figures of inverses of some cross-Menger fractals.
2014-07-04: Added made-up houndstooth fractal to the Cross Menger (Jerusalem) Cube page.
2014-06-01: Hasty notes added to the map-folding page.
2014-05-17: Sketchy notes about two ideas related to the Jerusalem cube fractal, plus recent typo fixes.
2013-06-09: Notes and pictures about continued fractions.
2013-03-17: Added notes on cyclic permutations, also known as necklaces, bracelets, stellated p-gons, and probably a bunch of other names.
2012-12-03: Added Hasse diagram of Ferrers boards.
2012-04-08: Added page on non-crossing partitions, yet another Catalan number interpretation.
2012-03-31: Tiny changes to Self-avoiding loops page, such as letting anyone know that it exists.
2011-10-28: Added Coin fountains page.
2011-03-26: Added Unlabeled stamp foldings page.
2011-03-13: Added Lah numbers page.
2011-02-27: Added Counting Lattice Paths page.
2011-02-20: Added Narayana numbers page.
2011-02-13: Ditto, permutations page.
2011-02-06: Added partition refinement lattice to the Bell numbers page.
2011-02-05: Spruced up the Stirling numbers of the second kind page, not that you’d notice.
2011-01-22: Added Self-avoiding loops.
2011-01-01: Added Schoenberg plane-filling curve.
2010-12-24–31: Bringing some math figures back home, with thanks to The Math Forum for hosting older versions for all these years. Fixed some errors, introduced others.
2010-12-12: Updated long-unawaited self-avoiding path figures.
2010-08-01: Added giant redundant figures for 4×2 and 5×2 labeled map foldings.
2010-08-01: Linked to Mathematica Demonstrations for labeled stamp foldings and labeled map foldings. Fixed some obvious errors, which is depressing since it proves nobody reads these.
2010-07-11: More of the same: added labels to labeled map foldings.
2010-03-28: More of the same: figures showing labeled map foldings.
2010-03-21: Figures showing labeled stamp foldings.
2009-12-30: Placeholder recursive images.
2009-12-12: Drawing ovals using a pencil, three nails, and some string.
2008-11-16: Fractal Wunderlich curves in 2D and 3D.
2008-06-29: World premiere of fractal 3D Sierpinski arrowhead curve.
2008-06-22: Fractal Sierpinski arrowhead curve and friends in 2D.
2008-05-11: Hilbert and Moore curves in 2D and 3D. Deleted quaint page-size notations (75K, 15K, and all that).
2008-04-26: Lebesgue curves (and friends), Lebesgue curves in 3D.
2008-04-03: Now this is just silly, but finally posted most likely final travelogue from 2006: A Room with a View of a Room.
2008-02-03: Added Schröder numbers, other updates to Delannoy, Schröder, and Motzkin numbers. Oh, and happy new year.
2006-12-31: Updated misc. MSI tips and notes. Oh, and happy new year.
2006-05-26: New stairstep-tiling interpretation of Catalan numbers.
2006-05-23: SVG versions of some Euler zigzag paths and Fibonacci tilings.
2006-05-14: SVG versions of some Delannoy/Schröder paths.
2006-04-30: Working on SVG versions of some math graphics (Catalan number and Motzkin number diagrams, for example). Watch this space.
2005-02-28: Disappointing new batch: When the Going Gets Tough, Tough, Interchangeable, and In Other Words...
2005-02-26: Disappointing reconstruction: Motor Skills.
2005-01-03: Working on involuntary travelogues When the Going Gets Tough, Tough and In Other Words... Watch this space.
2004-02-21: New facts and figures, words and numbers, dates and times, misc. cleanup.
2003-05-17: Exeunt: Flavor of the Decade.
2003-04-19: Almost there: The Next Big Nothing.
2003-04-13: Double revision: Untrainable (Dec. 2000), Tri-State (Oct. 2001).
2003-01-26: Need Anything? (from Feb. 2002; I’m semi-retired now, so for the foreseeable future these notes will be reconstructed from sleep-deprived memories.)
2002-10-27: Travel story, better lost than found: Signs.
2002-10-05: Nothing much: more good and bad words, general travelogue cleanup (with some new bonus stories hidden throughout).
2002-07-27: I can’t keep up! Here with the Wind, Trainerspotting.
2002-07-17: Say Uncle!
2002-07-14: I notice a pattern forming: Ne Pas Déranger.
2002-04-09: Updated failures.
2002-03-30: Started Lost Arts page.
2002-02-24: Some math corrections: fixed the Fibonacci formula, fixed the Lozi Attractor’s aspect ratio (though not the Hénon Attractor’s), and fixed the 5D paths to avoid taking shortcuts.
2001-12-10: Not worth the wait: two-parter Canadian Beauty and Encore Une Fois.
2001-11-17: From Denver: No Size Fits All.
2001-11-12: From Dallas, August: Artist Descending a Fire Escape.
2001-10-20: Tale from New York City: Being Here, Doing This.
2001-06-23: Relatives of the Sierpinski gasket. And before I forget: Requiem for a Lightweight.

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